Let’s Introduce

At the beautifull age of 18 years I was living single and had a job as a waitress. After 7 years working when most people are free, a change was needed and I took a radical turn. I started as an apprentice printer for rotogravure, a technical training for printer during 3 years, working in shifts and study at the same time. It still gave me more freedom to go out into the rock & roll scene. Wow those years!!!

True Love

I met my husband at a rock & roll danceschool named Crazy Days. They had a bandnight and the Chessnuts were playing. It started with a sandwich and ended with a date. Ron played the drumms with Hop Skip & Jump. Later he played right-up bass with Cat Lost!, Spin Out Four and The Hotrod Sinners. Nowadays he’s an entrepreneur, playin’ all kinds of music with The Travelling Stars and Duo Perron. And in the between hours as a truckdriver.

He was an active member/volunteer of the rock & roll cafe Cruise Inn. Most people know him as one of the soundmanagers. I used to attend the bar. (Un)fortunately he became so busy, that is why he had no more time left for the Cruise Inn. His nicknames are Bob, because he was allways the driver. Tina because he was a trucker and truckers call him Elvis. He’s a multi-talented selfmade musician. Me? I have other talents (smile). I’m a fan.


We are together since 1990. We have collected all kind of fifties and crazy stuff from carboot sales etc. Got lots of vinyls and 45’s. And we got ourselves a Rock Ola Tempo 1 Jukebox (1959, 200 select!) and a diner boot. We have decorated our house in the one and only style, with a purrsonal touch. Looking at friends places we see great interiors with the rock & roll and rockabilly influences, awesome.

Besides all this: I like to see live bands, read fantasybooks, take pictures and surf the internet. So that’s why you can find some ‘retro’" clip-art on my site. Even made some myself. Took dozens of pictures of bands, cars, cats and shows.

Well, I just don’t have enough spare time, but who does?. When I got some time left, I will try to keep working on this site. That is, if my cats will allow it... So this my website: Rockabeppie!

Animatie Rockabeppie website 2 and 3