Story of Rockabeppie

Theo & Sina 1963

A happy couple!!! My mum and dad got married on 29 november 1963. He was 22 and she was 20 years old.
My mum loved Elvis in those days, untill she went to see a movie of him. His looks and acting didn’t charm her. Sean Penn, she told me later, was more the type of man she fancied and dad looked just like him in those days. She always made a lot of clothes herself and so she made her own weddingdress.

Dad’s favorite female singer was Connie Francis. And my mom looked a bit like her, Sina was hot in those days, he said proud. Always a handyman, with a whistlin’ tune to accompany the work. But most of all he loved to work with wood. Just married and in need of a place to live, he started to work at a farm, where he could rent a little house. Actually it was a dump. The wind blew right threw it. So he renovated the place completely. It was a happy home for the time we lived there as a young family.

1964. It was the coldest november in years. My mother was brought to the hospital, she was in labour; two months earlier then expected. And I was the first baby for this young couple. But as this picture shows, everything went well.
A happy and curly toddler. Tiri Tomba, Tiri Tomba, Tiri tomba deee oooh deee deee ooooh deee..... was my favorite song. Happy, jumping and stomping on the floor, havin fun with my mum.

My sister is born in 1966 and in 1969 my brother. We had moved to another house, nearby Schiphol. And again it was a place which needed to be renovated. But with a big garden and a lawn next to the house, so I only remember havin’ great summerfun.

Scrappage Rockabeppie - 1963 till 1970


As teens we were allowed to decorate our own room, but I dont know if my parents expected this kind of decoration. But since I got so interested with the rock & roll, everything had to express that.

Mam helped me to make my first petticoat, she took an old bedsheet and we got started. When it was finished, she starched it. We made a full circle skirt. Shopped for fishnet stockings and some shoes et voila,I turned and turned because this picture had to be taken.

Teenroom and first petticoat - Rockabeppie


30 years of marriage anniversary!
I remember a warm childhood, with fair and loving parents.Dad has worked most of his life as a postman. Mam took care of us, and had different jobs like waitress, social family care and taking care of the community center of our small town.
And so we grew up and left our familyhome. They became proud grandparents of three. Sis got a boy and a girl and my brother got a son.

At 29 november 2003 it would have been 40 years of marriage. Sadly our dad died in August that year. A short but painfull disease ended the life of our dad.
A beloved man with a strong passion for his life and family, we miss him...

In memoriam Theo WassenaarFamilieportret

Clazina Johanna Wassenaar-Koolloos, Sina

On Sunday November 3, 2019, my mother Sina came over for coffee, prior for my birthday. She was not feeling well. Probably the flu, take care Mom, see you soon, take it easy and get well...

Two days later, she sat on the edge of a hospital bed, after a consult with her doctor. After that it went so fast. We noticed she was getting worse every day. Only 10 days later, my dear mother died on November 14. We were able to say goodbye and she was spared a long and heavy sick bed. We are at peace with that. We will never forget your warm heart, your radiant smile. Bye bye dear mom, we love you always!

Webquarel, paintings by SinaSina Wassenaar-Koolloos